Will you be getting more stock of each design?

Some designs will be limited edition/seasonal and not return. Some designs are likely to become staples. This all depends on popularity and demand. There will be limited stock in each order. We recommend purchasing ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

What size mailers do you have?

Currently we have a medium size 25.5 x 33cm and large size 36 x 48cm in our recyclable polymailers. We also stock a 15 x 20cm bubble mailer.

Will you be stocking other items, such as padded mailers?

Yes we currently stock small bubble mailers. These come in size 15 x 20cm. We hope to expand this range as our business grows.  


Do you only sell water activated tape?

Yes. Currently we only stock water activated tape. 

What is water activated tape?

Water activated tape is a very eco-friendly type of tape. It is made from paper. It has a natural starch-based adhesive that requires water to make it sticky. It has soy-based ink. All of these properties mean it can be composted or recycled. 

Can I use water activated tape on plastic?

No. Water activated tape only works on paper and cardboard. 

Do I need a water activated tape dispenser to use the tape?

No. You don't need to have the dispenser. You can simply use a wet sponge to wet the back of the tape. This is more time consuming and can be more messy than with a dispenser. 

Thank You Cards

Are all your thank you cards in stock and ready to ship?

No. Currently we only have a few designs of thank you cards ready to ship. All other designs are printed to order. Please check the product listings to see which ones are kept in stock. Please allow a 1-2 week turn around time. As our business grows we intend on keeping more physically in stock. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We do ship internationally. However our products can be heavy and international shipping can be expensive. Your shipping prices will be calculated at checkout based on your items weight.

Do you offer pickup?

No sorry.

Do you offer free shipping?


Custom Orders

Do you offer custom tape?

Yes. Find out more here.

Do you offer custom mailers?

Yes. Find out more here.


I am an artist and would love to have my design featured on a mailer. Can I do this?

We love supporting local artists. To have a design featured it must be a digital seamless pattern. There are numerous other requirements and we aren't always on the market for a new artist. However we would love to get to know you to see if we could feature you at some point. Please contact us via our online form for more information.