Hi I'm Kat, the founder of LUXEMAIL (previously Lushmail). I am a Physiotherapist by trade and mum to two. 
A few years ago, I ran my own small business, women's clothing brand 'Deluca Apparel' where I realised the importance of presentation when it comes to delivering my products. I really wanted my customers to have a wonderful experience from the moment they opened their package. This included beautiful wrapping, thank you cards, stickers etc. But they were always packaged in plain and boring mail bags. This is where the idea for LUXEMAIL was born. 
Why not create beautiful mail bags that feature a range of designs to help enhance the customer experience right from when their package arrives. I have seen similar things done overseas, however purchasing these products often includes excessive postages costs which just make it unrealistic for most small business owners out there. 
I am very earth conscious which is why I have focused on recyclable and compostable products. I also love the idea of supporting local Australian artists by featuring their designs on our mailers and tape. Just another way to make your products extra special for your customers!
Thank you so much for your support of my small business. 
Kat x