Here at LUXEMAIL we offer a variety of recyclable and compostable products.

Here's how some of our products can be disposed of:

  • Recyclable & compostable mailers.
  • 100% water activated paper tape - Compostable & recyclable
  • Tissue paper - recyclable
  • Thank you cards - recyclable
  • Tape dispenser - recyclable


Our compostable mailers meet Australian Standards for home composting which means you can add these to your own, home compost. 

To compost them correctly:
  • Remove any plastic labels and tape
  • Bury in compost
  • Do happy dance!


Where possible our recyclable mailers have been made from recycled material, such as from previously used plastic products. This can include plastic bottles, bags, containers, plates etc. After it is processed it can be used again for another product. This effectively doubles its lifespan and helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills as it reduces the need to create more new plastic. 


When you are finished with your recyclable mailers they can be recycled at any soft plastics collection site. Local supermarkets often have collection bins. 

You can find out more about soft plastic recycling and where your local collection site is here.


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Tissue paper

Great product, will definitely buy again

Love these stickers

Classy and perfect for small businesses. Thank you Luxemail.

Thank you cards

The thankyou cards I received are perfect for my store, will be purchasing again 😊

AMAZING quality fast delivery and customer service was ON POINT! 🩷

Mailer - Pink Leopard

AMAZING quality fast delivery and customer service was ON POINT! 🩷

Mailer - Pink Daisies

Acid-Free Tissue Paper - Black and White Spots
Amazing Quality and Great Service

Highly recommended

Pen - Blue Spots
Sue Thompson

Awesome pens


So Cute!

Always great quality. Quick delivery. Excellent customer service x

Absolutely love the design and very easy to use

Easy to use, heaps of instructions very happy with it!

Compostable Packing Tape | Water Activated Tape - Purple & White
Chloe Richmond
Love, Love, Love!!!❤️

Absolutely love your tapes!😍


Bubble Mailer - Pink Happy Faces


What a greate product my pink tape holder, and the pink daisy tape looks fantastic.

Water tape dispenser

I’m very impressed with the product ! Quick delivery … 10/10

Pretty design! It holds up nice and strong in transit! Great quality of protection! Will come back for more, however I wish there were more size options.

Compostable Packing Tape | Water Activated Tape - Purple & White

So pretty! Used it straight away, was easy to use. No mess, no fuss! Stuck great first time and looked really cute!