5 Simple Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Plastic You Use Everyday

Single-use plastic has become a serious issue, and we should all be looking for ways to cut back our use. You don’t need to make drastic changes, but small everyday changes will add up to a significant difference in the long run. Being more mindful of your plastic use will go a long way in keeping plastic products out of our oceans and landfills. 

Here are five simple ways you can reduce you and your family’s plastic use daily. 

1. Use a reusable water bottle

It takes 450 years for a water bottle to break down in the ocean or in a landfill. That’s a long time for a one-time use item to break down that can so simply be replaced. You can get reusable water bottles very easily nowadays, in different styles and colours. You can find the perfect reusable water bottle for you and your family.

2. Use reusable grocery bags

Plastic grocery bags add up very quickly in homes, causing all kinds of trouble for the ocean and filling up landfills with unnecessary trash. Using reusable bags will cut down drastically on your plastic use. You can buy customized grocery bags, make your own, or purchase them right at your grocery stores. 

3. Skip the straw

Straws are such an unnecessary plastic product filling up our oceans and landfills. You don’t need to use a straw, and if you insist that you do, there are reusable steel straws and paper straw options. Some fast-food restaurants are starting to make the switch to paper straws, and so should you. 

4. Use reusable containers

Instead of using plastic wrap or plastic bags for your lunch or leftovers, you should consider using containers instead. Whether the container is glass or plastic, you will get a lot more than one use out them. You are saving your money and trash. 

5. Skip the plastic cutlery 

When hosting a party or ordering take-out, you can opt out of plastic cutlery and use your own. Using your own cutlery will cut down on your contribution to the plastic problem.

Undoubtedly plastic has its place and has made an extraordinary contribution to our everyday lives. Plastic car parts to make our cars lighter and more fuel efficient, plastic insulation makes our homes more energy-efficient, and plastic is even being used for space exploration. However, our everyday, overuse of plastic has become a problem, and everyone needs to do their part in cutting back on plastic consumption. 

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