What is PBAT, and Why Do We Love It?

If you have been looking for a more sustainable product for your packaging needs, then you may be in the market for some packing supplies that use PBAT.

I’m sure you have heard the term PBAT, but do you know what it is and why you should switch to packaging products made from PBAT?

If you’re in the process of using more sustainable packaging in your business or just curious about the options available to you, this article will give you a quick rundown of why PBAT is a great choice for your packaging needs.

Packaging generally ends up in a landfill and being more conscientious of what that packaging is made of and how it will affect our planet is something that should be taken seriously. 

What is PBAT?

PBAT is short for Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate. It is a highly biodegradable material. PBAT can reduce the waste produced by the packaging industry pretty substantially. When PBAT is placed in a compost it will break down significantly faster than plastic. PBAT can take approx 60-120 days to break down in an ideal compost environment, compared to 400+ years for plastic! PBAT also does not release any toxic gases into the environment while it’s breaking down and leaves no micro-plastics as it is a completely biodegradable polymer. When PBAT is in a landfill environment it will take longer to break down (such as a couple of years, depending on the environment), but this is still significantly shorter than plastic.

There is one drawback to PBAT; however, it is made using petrochemicals, aka oil. Making it not a completely renewable material. However, this is the gold standard for packaging material that we have at the moment.  Using PBAT in packaging is the best solution for sustainability that we have right now. While not perfect, it is definitely better than its counterparts. 

How we use PBAT at Lushmail

The packaging industry is a big offender when it comes to plastic waste. At Lushmail, we are making the switch from recyclable poly mailers to compostable mailers. We also stock 100% recycled paper packaging tape which can be recycled with your cardboard, and also compostable packaging tape which can be added to your home compost. Instead of our product filling up landfills and contributing to the plastic problem, we are making a difference by supplying our customers with more environmentally friendly options you can feel good about. 


Being mindful of the products you are using and how they affect the environment, and the planet as a whole is the responsibility of everyone. By setting an example through your business practices can get people viewing compostable materials in a new light and start the necessary conversations to affect change. 

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